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Domestic Abuse Solicitors

No one has the right to cause you harm or threaten you. You and your children have the right to feel safe and secure. We understand that speaking to a solicitor can be daunting, but you have many legal options open to you to prevent further harm or intimidation.

If you are at immediate risk of harm, call the police on 999 straight away.

At Whiskers Solicitors, we approach matters involving domestic violence with sensitivity and compassion. With offices in Harlow, Epping and Bishop’s Stortford, we are conveniently based to help individuals across Essex and Hertfordshire.

Our family team are trained to deal with issues of domestic abuse in all circumstances, whether it be emotional, psychological, physical, financial, sexual or a combination. We have a strict duty of client confidentiality, so you can trust that anything you say to us will never be shared with anyone else without your explicit consent.

People going through domestic abuse are eligible for Legal Aid to help with the cost of getting legal advice and we can provide guidance on how to access this.

For further information or to set up an initial appointment with one of our domestic violence solicitors, please get in touch with:

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse – also referred to as domestic violence – is controlling, threatening, degrading, coercive and/or violent behaviour by a partner, former partner, family member, someone you live with or used to live with.

Types of domestic abuse include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Coercive control (a pattern of controlling, threatening and degrading behaviour)

For more information about the signs of domestic abuse, you can visit the NHS’s Domestic Violence and Abuse page.

Domestic abuse can affect anyone in a relationship, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual preference. It is very normal for people to feel like their experiences of domestic abuse are not “enough” or that they are the “wrong” sort of victim. However, domestic abuse comes in many forms and can happen in any family, regardless of personal circumstances. You can read about Challenging the Myths on the Women’s Aid website as well as accessing a range of other useful resources.

How our domestic abuse solicitors can help you

Our warm, sympathetic solicitors can help you access a wide range of civil protections against domestic abuse.

As well as providing advice on the civil action you can take, we can provide professional support while you work with the police during any criminal proceedings against your abuser. We can also point you towards support services set up specifically to help people going through domestic abuse.

Our advice is strictly confidential and you can trust that we will never disclose what you say to us to anyone else without your consent.

We can provide advice about:

Non-Molestation Orders

A Non-Molestation Order – often just referred to as an “injunction” – can prevent your abuser from using or threatening violence and abuse towards you and your children (if you have any). If they break the Order, you can call the police and they will be arrested.

Emergency orders

If you need immediate protection from someone, you can get an emergency order which will usually last until you go to court to get an injunction.

Occupation Orders

An Occupation Order can prevent certain people from living in your home or visiting the surrounding area, even if you previously intended to share your home with them. This includes if your spouse or civil partner owns the house in their sole name or you rent your home.

Protection from Harassment

Harassment is behaviour which makes you feel distressed, scared, threatened and/or humiliated. Such behaviour could include following you, turning up at your home, calling you up or sending you letters, and destroying your property.

If a former partner or family member is harassing you, you should call the police immediately if you feel like you are in danger.

We can also help you take civil action by applying to court for an injunction. If the person harassing you ignores the Order, it is a criminal offence and they could be arrested and sent to prison. They may also be ordered to pay you compensation.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) – your right to ask

You have a right to ask the police if a current or former partner has a history of domestic abuse.

The police are also allowed to approach you directly to let you know if your current or former partner has a history of domestic abuse. This is called the “right to know”.

Legal Aid for domestic abuse cases

If you or your children are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse and are unable to pay your legal costs, you may be able to get Legal Aid for your family law matters. You will usually need evidence to show you have experienced or are at risk of domestic abuse. We can discuss your eligibility with you and help you with the required paperwork.

Why choose our domestic abuse solicitors?

We understand how important it is to trust your law firm when dealing with sensitive family law issues. We hope to create a safe, welcoming environment where you can talk openly.

Our family law team are trained to handle issues of domestic violence, are completely non-judgmental and are dedicated to helping every individual who comes through our door. Here are some more reasons why our clients choose us:

  • Specialist confidential advice – we have in-depth understanding of domestic violence laws and the challenges it can raise in family law matters. Our number one priority is your safety and the safety of your children and we take our duties of client confidentiality extremely seriously. We will never disclose anything you say to us in private without your explicit consent (such as to make a Non-Molestation Order application). We can also discuss alternative methods of communication if it is safer for you, such as sending emails rather than letters or meeting at our offices rather than speaking on the phone.
  • An inclusive law firm, we take all possible steps to open our services to everyone. So, if you have any disabilities or individual needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.
  • Accredited expertise – our lawyers are members of the Law Society Family Law Accreditation Scheme, with recognised expertise in providing high quality family law services.

Get in touch with our domestic abuse solicitors in Harlow, Epping and Bishop’s Stortford

For further information or to set up an initial appointment with one of our domestic abuse solicitors, please get in touch with: