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Debt Recovery Solicitors

Chasing debt is frustrating, particularly where the debtor is not engaging with your requests for repayment. But you don’t need to struggle alone. Our specialist debt recovery solicitors can help you maximise your chances of recovery.

If you are an individual or business who is owed money, our team of skilled solicitors can help. We have decades of combined experience supporting clients across Harlow, Epping and Bishop’s Stortford, Essex in a wide range of recoveries, including:

  • Money owed to you by your customers or clients for goods or services
  • Personal loans from friends, family members and acquaintances
  • Business-to-business debts
  • Money from the private sale of goods, such as cars, mobile phones and other electronics
  • Unpaid wages from your employer or former employer
  • Rent arrears from your tenants or lodgers
  • Unreturned deposits
  • Unpaid refunds

We will utilise strong negotiation skills to try and settle the matter and any associated disputes as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible. With our assistance, it is highly likely you will be able to settle the debt without resorting to court, saving you considerable time, costs and stress.

However, if court proceedings are the only way we can achieve the best outcome for you, we will expertly handle the claim process with meticulous attention to detail, exhibiting all possible evidence and arranging vigorous representation for any hearings.

Get with touch with our debt recovery lawyers by giving us a call at your local branch in either Harlow, Epping or Bishop’s Stortford:

Harlow tel: 01279 439439
Epping tel: 01992 561111
Bishop’s Stortford tel: 01279 501550

How does debt recovery work?

We are highly experienced with the debt recovery process and the best way to approach such cases to maximise your chances of recovery. 

Letter Before Action / Letter of Claim

In our experience, a strongly worded letter from a solicitor is often all it takes to get a debtor to engage with you. In this letter we will include a firm request for repayment within a strict timeframe and inform the debtor that you will consider court proceedings in the absence of payment.

Whether or not you expect your debtor to respond, this letter is an essential part of the debt recovery process. If you do end up taking the matter to court, the judge will expect you to have taken all possible steps to settle before starting proceedings and we will ensure the process is followed flawlessly. 

County Court Claim

If the debtor does not respond to your Letter Before Action or they fail to put forward an offer which is acceptable to you, we can help you apply to court for a County Court Judgment (CCJ). As well as the sum outstanding to you, we can also claim interest (usually at a set rate of 8%).

Even after issuing court proceedings, it is rare for a case to ever reach court. Usually, we are able to help our clients settle well before the trial stage.


Even if you achieve a CCJ, there is a chance the debtor still will not pay up. In these rare situations, we can provide advice on the full range of enforcement options available to you, including: 

  • Instructing County Court Bailiffs to try and collect the debt
  • Transferring the CCJ to the High Court for enforcement by High Court Enforcement Agents
  • Charging Order applications to secure the CCJ over the debtor’s property

Insolvency – bankruptcy or winding up proceedings

Where you are owed a debt by a person or company who cannot pay, we can provide advice on making them bankrupt or closing down the company (referred to as “winding up”) so their assets can be distributed. We will also handle the process on your behalf, including serving a Statutory Demand – a legal request for repayment prior to starting insolvency proceedings.

Why choose our debt recovery solicitors?

Debt recovery is a sensitive business. On one hand you want to recover as much of your money as possible. On the other, you want to avoid the costs of recovery spiralling.

With years of practical experience under our belts, we deeply understand the balance that must be struck. We will work tirelessly to find the most financially viable option for you, maximising your chances of a strong recovery without breaking the bank. Below are just some of the reasons to consider instructing our debt recovery solicitors:

Responsive, proactive lawyers

We will not allow your case to drag out any longer than strictly necessary. Our debt recovery lawyers are highly responsive and proactive in their approach. We will always take steps to progress your case swiftly, including chasing the debtor, filing documents at court promptly and providing you with regular updates.

You will have your own personally assigned lawyer who will take full responsibility for your case. This means you can trust your matter is always being dealt with someone who understands your goals and if you have any concerns or queries, all you need to do is give your lawyer a call or drop them an email. We promise to always respond to your correspondence quickly and comprehensively – we know how important it is to be kept up to date with the status of your case.

Strong track record for successful recoveries

We have a wide range of experience helping individuals and businesses recover debts and resolving associated disputes, from small personal debts with family and friends to complex, high value corporate debts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Our success stems from our determination to never take the easy way out. We utilise robust negotiation and creative problem-solving skills and we never encourage our clients to settle for less than they are entitled to if there are other viable options to explore. 

Get in touch with our debt recovery solicitors today

Get with touch with our debt recovery lawyers by giving us a call at your local branch in either Harlow, Epping or Bishop’s Stortford:

Harlow tel: 01279 439439
Epping tel: 01992 561111
Bishop’s Stortford tel: 01279 501550