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Change of Name Deed Solicitors

A Change of name Deed can be used in the UK to legally change your name to any name that you choose.  You can also make minor changes to your existing name.  For example by dropping, rearranging or changing one or a number of letters in your name.  Alternatively if you have got divorced or are widowed, and you no longer want to be known by your husband’s surname you have the option to revert to your previous name.

In the UK you are legally allowed to go by whatever name you wish but if you want to obtain Formal documentation in that new name you need to complete and file a change of name deed.  The method is often referred to as change of name by Deed Poll.  Once completed you need to send your signed and witnessed Deed of Change of Name to the various UK document issuing agencies such as the Passport Agency and HMRC in order to obtain a new national insurance card and formal recognition of your change of name.

A change of name deed can also be obtained for children, however please contact a member of our Whiskers Family Team to discuss this area further.

At Whiskers LLP we are able to offer fixed fees where a person wants to change their surname or the surname of their child.  For an adult this costs £100.00 plus VAT and for a child £80.00 plus VAT.